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SBUC Application Example Lattice Boom Cranes
Ivanovets DGK-50.1 lattice boom crane with SBUC control system

SBUC controls smooth management of сrane hydraulic executive mechanisms and рrotects from damage and overturning.

The system executes all functions of rated capacity limiter system and corresponds to safety requests of Rostehknadzor.


— drive management, including speed control and safety functions;
— rated capacity limiter system;
— monitoring load and geometry parameters of crane;
— boundary and zone protection;
— limits of the crane movements — the system blocks crane mechanisms automatically: hook lifting winch at uppermost (anti two-block system) and lowermost (last wirerope wrap) positions, luffing at stroke positions, boom movements when AC field detector is on and etc;
— recording geometry and load variables and states of inputs and outputs into internal datalogger;
— wind speed monitoring;
— monitoring parameters of crane engine and hydraulics (engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, hydraulics oil temperature and etc.);
— engine monitoring via CAN bus;
— display of video signals from 2 color cameras (workspace/rear-view monitoring).

Example of a complete set of SBUC system for Ivanovets DGK-50.1 lattice boom crane

Структурная схема системы управления СБУК

Control system structure

— SBUC SM4 controller;
— SBUC BI04.80 display;
— AURSP23.2 electrohydraulic proportional joysticks;
— DS1000.12 tension force transducers;
— DD250.11 hydraulic pressure transducers;
— DUG50 angle sensor;
— DUA360.13 rotation transducer;
— DUG51 tilt sensor;
— DL220.14 AC field detector;
— VM2 anti-two block switches;
— video cameras;
— set of cables.

Modular architecture

Thanks to standart interfaces, SBUC system can be added:

— real-time GPS/GLONASS localization (with recording position data in datalogger);
— GPRS data transmission (bidirectional communication by the cellular communications);
— fuel management system;
— wind speed sensor.

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