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SBUC SM series 6 controllers
  • compact multifunctional controllers satisfy specifications for mobile applications
  • commutating 24 circuits up 400 V AC
  • 24 V DC supply voltage
  • removable switching relays
  • output signal LED indicators
  • aluminium housing
  • connector block for high-voltage circuits
SBUC SM6 series controllers was designed to control and monitor functions of machines with electric drive and actuators.

Controllers control electric drives, depending on the operator's actions and the current state of the machine.

Control algorithms are determined by the controller software accordance with design features of machine and requirements to electronic control system.

The number of inputs, outputs and algorithms of the controller can be changed under the customer's requirements.

Using of SBUC SM6 controllers allows:

— to provide proportional control of electric drives actuators;
— to control and indicate machine parameters;
— to generate control signals for machine actuators accordance with required algorithm.

SBUC SM6-7-40 Controller Properties

Parameter Value
Analog inputs (0,5–5,5 V, 10 mA) 2
Low-current discrete outputs (5,5 V, 15 mA) 10
Force discrete outputs (24 V, 1,5 A) 4
Force relays (3 A) 24
Discrete inputs (2 state: break; close on the ground) 7
Connection interface RBus
  • high-voltage circuits (<400 V AC)
    connector block
    • low-voltage circuits (<32 V DC)
      AMP 0-0963063-1 plug
      Supply voltage 18 – 32 V DC
      Consumption current <0,35 A
      Operating temperature range – 40…+70 °C
      Storage temperature range – 60…+80 °C
      Protection class (to IEC 60529) IP10
      Vibration resistance <50 m/sec2 (at 50…200 Hz)
      Impact resistance <100 m/sec2
      Dimensions 256 × 193 × 91 mm
      Weight, approx. 1,7 kg

      SBUC SM Series 6 Controllers Dimensions [mm]

      SBUC SM Series 6 Controllers Dimensions

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