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Sensors and Transducers
Model Measuring ranges Accuracy Output Data Notes
Hydraulic Pressure Transducers
DD250.11 up to 250 bar 0,2% digital  
ID40 up to 40 bar ±2% analog with gauge
ID450 up to 450 bar ±2% analog with gauge
Solid-State Angle Sensors
DUG50 ±55 deg. ±0,5 deg. selectable one or two axes
Rotation Transducers
DUA360.13 360 deg. 1 deg. digital  
DPM20.3 5760 deg. ±3 deg. digital  
Tension Force Transducers
DS1000.12 up to 1000 kg 1% digital stretch
DST5.2 up to 5 t 3% digital compress
Spring-Type Cable reels with Length- and Anglesensors
DDS series up to 50 m ±0,05 m digital with angle sensor
AC Field Detector (High-Voltage Sensor)
DL220.14 digital with optional angle sensor
Liquid Level Sensors
DT7.3 up to 1 m ±1% analog or digital with gauge
Wind Speed Sensors (anemometers)
DSW1.12 up to 30 m/sec ±2 m/sec digital  
DSW1.13 up to 30 m/sec ±2 m/sec digital  

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