Fuel Level Sensor DT7.4

  • no moving mechanical parts
  • extended supply voltage and operating temperature ranges
  • integrated temperature compensation
  • galvanic isolation of sensor housingfrom the common power cable
  • inverse-polarity, short-circuit and misconnection protection
  • modifications with digital or analog interface
  • modifications with different harness length (from 630 mm to 9 m)
  • additional protection of the connection cable with metal hose or corrugated hose

Used to monitor diesel fuel level in fuel tanks of motor vehicles and road construc - tion machinery.Used as part of satellite vehicle monitoring systems to control fuel consumption.

The sensors are designed to allow reducing length of the measuring tube to fuel tank height (down to 200 mm).

Main specifications

Parameter Modification DT7.4
01 06 07 09 (19)
Level measurement error ±1%
Additional level measurement error in the entire operating temperature range 1,2%
Rated power supply voltage 24 V
Rated current consumption up to 25 mA up to 20 mA up to 25 mA
Operating supply voltage range 10...50 V 10...32 V
Operating mode acc. to GOST R 52230-2004 continuous
Galvanic isolation voltage 500 V
P rating of sensor components (as per GOST14254-96) IP67
Temperature range:
- operating -40...+80°С
- storage -50...+80°С
Digital interface RS-485 RS-485, RS-232 RS-232 RS-485
Analog interface 0,5...4,5 V
0,5...9,5 V
- 0,5...4,5 V
0,5...9,5 V
Bit rate 19,200 bps
Allowed vibratory loads:
- maximum acceleration 50 m/s2
- within the frequency range 50...250Hz
Maximum permissible current:
- to fuel level gage receive - 150 mА
- to signal lamp - 150 mА

Overall and mounting dimensions

Documentation and software

Technical description
PDF, 413 Kb
Software for installation and tuning (LiqVal v.1.4.3)

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