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SBUC Application Example Excavators
SBUC with load limiting control functions

SBUC controls loading of the excavator's diesel engine for:

— reduction of fuel consumption;
— power management between diesel motor and hydraulics;
— automatic protection of the diesel engine.


— motor speed contol by management of fuel injection pump and productivity of hydraulic pumps;
— management of the fuel injection pump lever on controller commands;
— simplification of start and engine warming-up at a low ambient temperature;
— automatic switching in idle mode at pauses in excavator work;
— protection diesel motor from overload and overheating of engine coolant;
— protection excavator hydrosystem from overload and overheating of hydraulic fluid.

Example of a complete set of SBUC system for excavators

— SBUC SM4 controller;
— mode control panel;
— electromechanical actuator for management of diesel fuel injection pump (for diesel engines with mechanical fuel supply system);
— variable displacement pumps;
— hydraulic oil temparature sensor;
— two hyfraulic pressure transducers;
— set of cables.

The block schematic of SBUC for engines with mechanical fuel supply system

The modes of operation are set from the control panel, which is established in a excavator cabin.

The control panel contains the switch, which аllows to disconnect or to choose the mode of operation with engine loading for 75%, 88%,100% and idling.

Control Panel

Values of parameters are set by the software and can be changed at the customer's request.

Technical Data

Parameter Value
Supply voltage 10 – 32 V DC
Supported diesel engine modes idling, 75, 88 and 100% load
High-pressure fuel pump control:  
  • output shaft rotation angle
    0 – 95±5 °
    • turning moment
      10 Nm
      • output shaft slew time (until 90°)
        2 sec.
        • accuracy of angular displacement
          ±1 °
          Accuracy of measurement:  
          • hydraulics oil temperature
            ±3 °C
            • engine coolant temperature
              ±3 °C
              • pressure
                ±0,1 bar
                • engine angular velocity (at 1000 rpm)
                  ±2 %
                  Accuracy of engine angular velocity stabilization 5%
                  Vibration resistance <50 m/sec2 (at 50…200 Hz)
                  Impact resistance <100 m/sec2
                  Control Panel:  
                  • dimensions
                    105 × 85 × 79 mm
                    • protection class (to IEC 60529)
                      • weight, approx.
                        0,3 kg

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