Steering columns KR

Key features

  • ABS plastic coating
  • slope regulation
  • customer selectable connectors: AMP CPC series 2 and 3, Schlemmer or Autocontact
  • output splined shaft conforming to GOST 6033-80 20x1.5875x9g;
  • harness and wiring along with other components form a complete reliable design ready for operation without additional modifications

Technical characteristics

KR101 KR104 KR106
Power supply voltage 24 V
Height regulation 80 mm
Slope regulation 0° to 21° from -7° to 21° from 0° to 30°
Temperature range:
  • operating temperatures:
    -40°C... +55°C
    • limiting temperatures:
      -50°C... 60°C
      Number of discrete inputs (operating mode indicators and alarms) 25
      Protection degree from external impact according to GOST 14254-96 IP20
      Number of analogue inputs (temperature sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors) 6
      Protection class Number of CAN interfaces 1
      Weight 16 kg (max) 15 kg (max) 12 kg (max)

      Standard list of equipment:

      • steering wheel
      • ignition lock and keys
      • fuse box
      • multi-position switch under steering wheel
      • programmable dashboard (display)
      • steering wheel span and slope regulation unit
      • height regulation unit
      • key switches
      • connectors


      • modern look of dashboard and controls
      • well-designed and useful interface of dashboard
      • information on the monitored parameters is displayed on embedded 7- or 8-inch or on standalone 10-inch colour LCD display instead of a set of individual devices;
      • steering column is connected to electrical system by means of two quick-coupled connectors in a sealed design
      • steering column is a part of hydraulic steering
      • actuating force at a steering wheel is fully determined by the set parameters of hydraulic system of the unit
      • simple and reliable slope and height regulation unit of steering column that does not require to use any regulation tools
      • completeness of steering column eliminates the need to install instrument panel, switching elements and protection of electrical circuits on the unit.


      Ability to use both analogue instruments and digital graphic panel

      • embedded recorder
      • ability to choose one of the available configurations of the main screen
      • ability to measure and display up to 40 analogue and discrete signals (including signals from resistive inputs, current inputs and voltage inputs)
      • embedded accumulated hour meter and odometer
      • fast software update from USB flash
      • colour LCD display
      • reading information from CAN bus (engine parameters, gearbox and other devices)
      • embedded real time clock
      • a number of settings access levels protected by passwords

      Ability to change main screen configuration using View menu item. The first configuration is used by default.

      Main screen, displayed parameters: pneumatic system pressure, cooling fluid temperature, fuel level.

      Additional screen, displayed parameters: cooling fluid temperature, engine speed, vehicle speed.

      Basic dimensions

      KR101-003.2   KR104-003    KR106-003    

      Steering columns datasheet
      PDF, 6 MB

      Phone/fax: +7 (351) 731-30-00, 222-47-77
      Mashinostroitelei st., 10-b, Chelyabinsk, 454119, Russian federation