Hour Meter / Voltmeter UK34.2

  • simultaneous measurement of hour meter and voltage
  • 8Bit microcontroller based
  • 6-digit LED display
  • wide operating temperature and voltage
  • mounted in the instrument panel

The multifunctional instrument UK34.2 provides simultaneous measurement of elapsed time in hour and voltage in volts.

It is used for measuring and digitally selecting the engine operating time and voltage of the on-board network of automotive, road construction equipment and industrial electrical installations.

If there is no supply voltage, the information is stored in the energy self-sufficient memory of the meter.

Operating modes (defined by the activation scheme)

  • – «Voltmeter-operating time counter» — it is used in automotive equipment with on-board network voltage of 12 V and 24 V. Counting is performed only if there is a signal of engine operation. The display is shown for the first 8 seconds after power is applied, then the on-board network voltage is constantly displayed with an alarm indicating its deviation from the norm
  • “Operating time counter” — it is used in electrical installations for various purposes with a power supply voltage from 9 to 36 V. Counting and displaying is performed continuously when power is available.

Technical Data

Supply voltage 9 – 36 V DC
Operating time display range from 0 to 99999 hours
Discreteness of readings:  
  • measured voltage
    0,1 V
    • operating time
      1 hour
      Discreteness of the operating time reference 1 sec
      Voltage measurement error  
      • in the temperature range from 0 to +55°C
        no more than 1%
        • in the temperature range from -40 to +55°C
          no more than 3%
          Limit voltage at which the flashing of the warning symbol is enabled (disabled)
          • increased value for 12 V
            15,6 (15,0) V
            • reduced value for 12 V
              10,7 (11,4) V
              • increased value for 24 V
                31,2 (30,0) V
                • reduced value for 24 V
                  21,5 (22,8) V
                  Permissible input voltage "D" from 0V to +Supply Voltage
                  The threshold turn-on voltage of a reference operating time (average value) for the "D" input 1 In
                  Input resistance of the input "D" 10 kOhm
                  Current consumption no more than 150 mA
                  Height of indicator digits 9.2 mm
                  emperature range
                  • working
                    from -40 to +55 °C
                    • storages
                      from -50 to +65 °C
                      Permissible vibration loads
                      • maximum acceleration
                        no more than 50 m/sec2
                        • in frequency range
                          no more than 50..200 Hz
                          Degree of protection from external factors IP54
                          Overall dimensions no more than 64x43 mm
                          Weight no more than 0.13 kg

                          Dimensions [mm]

                          UK34.2 overall dimension

                          Technical description
                          PDF, 159Kb

                          Phone/fax: +7 (351) 731-30-00, 222-47-77
                          Mashinostroitelei st., 10-b, Chelyabinsk, 454119, Russian federation