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Hour Meter / Voltmeter UK34.2
  • simultaneous measurement of hour meter and voltage
  • 8Bit microcontroller based
  • 6-digit LED display
  • wide operating temperature and voltage
  • mounted in the instrument panel

The multifunctional instrument UK34.2 provides simultaneous measurement of elapsed time in hour and voltage in volts.

It is used in construction, transport and road machineries, industrial electricity generating plants and etc.

The instrument controls supply voltage (battery voltage) and signals by flashing digits if voltage is more or less than admissible level.

Technical Data

Parameter Value
Supply voltage 9 – 36 V DC
Maximum time range 9999
Display resolution  
  • voltage
    0,1 V
    • hour
      1 h
      Hour meter measurement resolution 1 sec
      Voltmeter accurancy  
      • at temperature from 0 to +55°С
        0,1 V
        • at temperature from –40 to +55°С
          0,3 V
          Hour meter accurancy  
          • at temperature from 0 to +55°С
            • at temperature from –40 to +55°С
              Voltage range for D-contact 9 – 36 V DC
              D-contact voltage for counting start >1 V (mean)
              Input resistance for D-contact 10 kOm
              Maximum current consumption 150 mA
              Display digits height 9,2 mm
              Operating temperature range – 40…+55 °C
              Vibration resistance <50 m/sec2 (at 50…200 Hz)
              Protection class (to IEC 60529) IP54
              Mounting position panelboard
              Dimensions 65 × 43 mm
              Weight, approx. 130 g

              Dimensions [mm]

              UK34.2 overall dimension

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