Load-bearing equipment 24 intermittent alarm relay RPS

  • working with the standard car audio signal
  • protection against overloads, overheating and reverse polarity
  • modifications for 12 V and 24 V voltages
  • modifications «for closing» and «for opening» of the reverse gear switch
  • standard car connector

It creates an intermittent sound signal when reversing automotive and road construction equipment.

It is connected to the standard sound emitter (car signal) and generates a continuous signal when the sound signal button is pressed and an intermittent signal when the reverse gear is switched on. It is made according to the scheme with an electronic switch and is placed in a plastic case with a mounting bracket and a car pin connector (pad). It has protection against overloads and short circuits in the load circuit and protection against reverse polarity supply voltage.

It is available in four versions depending on the power supply voltage (12 V or 24 V) and the configuration of the reverse switch (opening to the ground or closing to the on-board power supply). It can be used as a controlled pre-breaker for any type of load

Main technical characteristics

Overall and installation dimensions

Technical description
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