Relay-voltage regulators R2712.3702.1, R2702.3702.1


  • 2712. 3702. 1 (for generators with an output voltage of 28 V and a maximum field current of 3 A)
  • P2702. 3702. 1 (for generators with an output voltage of 14 V and a maximum field current of 5 A)

Designed for automatic maintenance of constant voltage at the terminals of generators of automotive equipment.

Adjustment is carried out by the method of compensating changes in the current of the generator field winding with an electronic switch. The current change is provided by pulse-width modulation of the voltage applied to the field winding.

The device provides switching of the generator excitation winding to the negative side of the on-board network (its second output must be connected to the plus side of the on-board network).

They are protected against overvoltage and short circuit in the field winding circuit. The metal chassis of the controller have electrical connection to the minus output of the on-board network «M».

They are used in combination with alternating current generators with built-in rectifiers. 2712. 3702. 1 is used with generators 1702.3771, G288A, G288V, G288E, etc. P2702. 3702. 1 — with generators 2022.3771, etc.

In terms of electrical parameters, P2712. 3702. 1 is an analog of regulators of type 2712.3702 and 1112.3702.

t is delivered to UralAZ, JCS for completing the series-produced Ural car

Main technical characteristics

Параметр P2712.3702.1 P2702.3702.1
Supported voltage:    
  • Level I (summer)
    28,2±0,6 В 14,1±0,3 В
    • Level II (winter)
      29,4±0,6 В 14,7±0,3 В
      Maximum switching current, A 3,5 5,5
      Voltage drop on an open switch at maximum current 0,5 0,3
      Q-current consumption, mA 15 20
      Degree of protection against external factors according to GOST 14254 (excluding connectors) IP54
      Climate version according to GOST 52230 УХЛ
      Operating temperature range 50..+70 °C
      Overall dimensions 125x50x25mm
      Weight 100g

      Overall dimensions

      Technical description
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