Voltage regulator PH-116

  • maximum field winding current up to 12 A
  • power supply of the field winding from an additional rectifier of the generator with switching to “mass"
  • short-circuit protection of the field winding
  • two-wire connection scheme

ПDesigned to automatically maintain the voltage at the generator terminals when the speed and load current change by regulating the current flowing through the field winding.

It is used in a set with an AC generator with a built- in rectifier type G-3, G-3D, GP-6.5, GP-6.5 D, etc. (rated voltage 28 V, the current of the ignition is not more than 10.5 A) and a battery. It is used on industrial tractors DET-250, DET-320 produced by CHTZ-Uraltrak.

According to the electrical characteristics, installation and connection dimensions, it is interchangeable with the PH-116 regulator produced by MZT Transmash.

Main technical characteristics

Overall and installation dimensions

Techical description PH-116
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