Digital Platform with Electromechanical Transmission of tracked and wheeled vehicles TsP EMT

Operates as part of the future proof tracked and wheeled vehicles of various applications, including remotely and robotically controlled.

The platform is based on electromechanical transmission consisting of mechatronic traction modules (electrical machines with electronic power switches) and a digitally controlled generator. All platform components are connected through a CAN bus. It is based on the concept of commercial and special purpose track-mounted or wheelmounted DIGITAL VEHICLE. The platform is ready for integration of smart excavation and roadconstruction work and smart farming systems.

Key features:

  • simple type of switched reluctance electrical machine without brush contacts, rotor permanent magnets and windings
  • maximum agility provided by an independent wheel or track drive
  • small weight and dimensions using space-saving mechatronic modules
  • data recorder (BLACK BOX) with online transmission, cloud storage and processing
  • remote and automated control capability (GLONASS/GPS positioning, leveling)
  • full control over the technical condition of vehicle systems, including failure prediction
  • low critical temperature and high ambient humidity operation
  • low maintenance of all known transmission types
  • high maintainability due to modular configuration
  • use of the Russian materials and component parts or their foreign-made counterparts

Electromechanical transmission of TsP EMT transmits torque from ICE to the driving wheels or track driving wheels and has the following performance characteristics::

1. Maximum overall efficiency > 87%, high performance and low operating costs, as compared to other transmission types, are provided by:

  • use of switched reluctance electrical machines with up to 96% efficiency
  • low losses in mechanical systems and wiring
  • integrated optimal control of all systems: ICE, generator, motors, operating equipment
  • controller software update (incl. online) based on the fleet experience
  • energy recovery with the option of using a smaller ICE
  • maintenance-free TsP EMT system

2. Full integration and simple design ensure high reliability of TsP EMT:

  • wear parts of electrical machines include two rotor bearings with lifetime of 15,000–25,000 operating hours
  • minimum number of units and assemblies used
  • maximum control of vehicle operating parameters helping to prevent damage to units and systems
  • no sliding and wearing electric contacts
  • IP67 ingress protection of terminal connections and sealants
  • no friction units with regular oil replacement electrical machine fail safety if winding part is damaged
  • electrical machine fail safety if winding part is damaged
  • no hard link between ICE torque and operating load

3. . Ergonomics of operator workstation is in line with the current requirements through:

  • joystick control
  • displaying operating parameters on a singlecolor graphic display console with critical value indication
  • рimplementation of the concept of the next generation vehicle
  • electric shock protection with the use of advanced electric circuits and devices.

4. Use of switched reluctance motors and generator has enabled:

  • development of maximum torque at zero speed
  • бnon-stepped change in vehicle engine thrust at all speeds
  • overhaul of electrical machines by easy and cost-effective replacement of rotor bearings (switched reluctance motor performance stays the same throughout the lifetime as compared to permanent magnet electrical machines)

5. ICE operation within optimum performance range providing:

  • maximum cost efficiency with fuel consumption reduction by 5–20%
  • increase of ICE service life by 10–30% (electrical generator energy recovery mode), as compared to conventional transmission (mechanical, hydromechanical, hydrostatic)
  • automatic change of ICE speed and power consumption depending on operating conditions
  • 6. Forced EMT component cooling system providing:

    • uniform warming up of transmission components at cold start
    • minimum time of vehicle readiness for operation
    • control of EMT condition by a key parameter – coolant temperature

    7. Standard features include connection of electric operating equipment (welding machine, electric hoist, etc.) and mobile power station function.

    8. Modularly constructed generator and motors as space-saving mechatronic modules providing:

    • IP67 transmission ingress protection, including water resistance and operation in all weather conditions
    • simplification of vehicle configuration through flexible connection of transmission components and wire control elements
    • maintenance downtime reduction due to unit replacement

    9. Fast adaptation of TsP EMT platform for series produced vehicles through:

    • standardization of connection sizes of electrical machines and final drives and ICE
    • сstandard communication protocols via a CAN bus of all vehicle units
    • wide EMT range of up to 500 kW rated power
    Digital Platform with Electromechanical Transmission of tracked and wheeled vehicles TsP EMT
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