Electric drive

Designed for the propulsion of lifting-transport vehicles, both tracked or wheeled ones. It is an electric machine with a built-in power semiconductor switch. The module is controlled remotely via CAN or RFid channel. The module has built-in overload and overheating protection.

Main feature:

  • maximum torque from almost zero speed
  • small weight and dimensions due to the use of mechatronic modules
  • lack of separate blocks for power electronics
  • low temperature operation
  • new phase winding cooling system
  • minimal maintenance

Prepared for batch production

GTI-Т132 Traction Generator

GTI-Т150 Traction Generator

MTM-B75 Mechatronic Traction Module.jpg

MTM-K90 Mechatronic Traction Module.jpg

MTM-V100 mechatronic traction module.jpg

МТМ-Т33 Mechatronic Traction Module.jpg

В стадии разработки: комплект трансмиссии номинальной выходной мощности ~ 400 кВт, 500 кВт, 600 кВт.

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