Programming and configuration tools

AC2-USB  — Connection Adapter

  • connection with a personal computer via the USB 1.1 interface
  • ability to check all units and sensors included in the delivery of safety devices
  • convenient carry bag
  • CD-ROM with software

TThe connection adapter is a portable instrument for effective configuration and diagnosis SBUC electronic control systems, modules, sensors and transducers..


  • testing of units signal circuits;
  • cyclical redundancy check;
  • emulation of queries to peripheral devices from central unit;
  • directions of queries to central unit;
  • displaying of numerical and discrete sensor's values;
  • control of unit outputs.

Package contents

  • АС2-USB connection adapter;
  • CD-ROM with PC software for parameterization and diagnostics;
  • USB 2.0 cable;
  • cables for connect display consoles and sensors;
  • power cable;
  • protective carry bag;
  • multi language users's manual.

LogSystem software

LogSystem software

The LogSystem is software application which is used to transer, display, analyse and print on a personal computer a log file generated by the dataloggers.

Requirements PC with Microsoft Windows Vista/2000/XP installed.

LogSystem 2.0.6 software
987 KB

Technical manual
PDF, 316kb

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