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Protection System for Ladders Trucks PBL240
  • control of safety boundaries and zones
  • built-in cutout relays — no external relays are necessary
  • internal datalogger with real-time clock
  • intercom system


The protection system PBL240 was designed for arial ladders trucks and platforms and intended for protect it from damage and overload.

Each type of ladders and platforms has their version of PBL240 system. PBL240 versions have different package contents, software and supply voltage.


  • control of safety boundaries and zones;
  • protection of the ladder or platform from overload (rated capacity limiter);
  • monitoring load and geometry variables of ladder truck;
  • either-way communication with ladder head (platform bucket);
  • managing of the ladder head marker lamp;
  • self-leveling of the ladder;
  • bucket stability control;
  • protection of the ladder from damage at maximum boom extension, limit deformation and crash (head-on impact protection);
  • information about coincidence of ladder longitudinal axis with truck axis for facilitate stowage of ladder in transport position;
  • protection of the ladder in transport position from impact with ladder mounting hardware.

Applications example

Pozhtechnika AL-50 ladder truck

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