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Rated capacity limiter system AZK110
  • graphical LCD — all base parameters indications on display
  • easy calibration procedure — for accurate weight setting needs single reference load
  • built-in cutout relays — no external relays are necessary
  • internal datalogger
  • transfer datalogger and setup data by the Secure Digital card
  • isolated work and work in column of pipelayers


The rated capacity limiter system AZK110 was designed for crawler pipelayers.

AZK110 system is intended to aid the pipelayer operator in efficient crane operation by monitoring the load and warning of an approach to an overload, anti-two blocks and other conditions.

Taking into account hard usage of industrial tractors, the system has:

  • durable sealed housings;
  • rugged desing of component parts;
  • high resistance to high and low temperatures, vibrations, impacts, cleaning agents, oil and fuel.
  • protections from load short circuit, current overload, pulsed overvoltage and reversed polarity volatge.

Each type of pipelayers has their version of AZK110 system. AZK110 versions have different package contents, sensors, displays, software and supply voltage.

The system conforms to safety requirements of Rostekhnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision).

The AZK110 has permit of Promatomnadzor (Belarussian State Committee for Supervising Industrial and Nuclear Safety) and certificates of russian (GOST R) and ukrainian (UkrSEPRO) national certification systems.


  • rated capacity limiter;
  • monitoring load and geometry variables of pipelayer;
  • internal datalogger;
  • control of tractor's electrics;
  • real-time clock.

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