Operator console PU9.4

  • 7 frequency channels
  • Communication range when using with KRS1.2.1 – 50 m
  • 128x64 OLED display for displaying parameters of control system including radio control console and emergency stop button
  • Wired interface capability during charging from on-board electric system
  • 2 dual axis joysticks for generating proportional control signals
  • Console light for the convenient operation in the dark
  • Control disabling in case of falling

Designed for wireless sensor and/or radio control console network deployment on industrial sites and mechanisms, as well as for replacement of wired interfaces in existing monitoring, protection and control devices and systems, when cabling between sensors, consoles and modules of these devices and systems is difficult or impossible.

Example of aerial platform foam fire truck control console

Used with KRS1.2


KRS1.2 radio network coordinator

frequency 2,4 GHz

Main specifications

Overall and connection dimensions of PU9.4 control console

Control consoles
PDF, 3.6Mb

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