Slip Rings TKA series

  • sealed design with the ability to change of circuit number
  • versions with build-in rotation transducer for the rated capacity limiter systems and protection systems
  • desing with the central hole (opening) for the cable of accelerator pedal, hydraulic hose and etc.
  • optional carrier for the turning a slip ring

The slip rings TKA series (rotating contact devices) are designed for transferring power or data signals from the stationary mechanism to the revolving mechanism.

The most often used as a mobile crane of the slip rings (RCD) for connection of the electrical signals installation turning of crane with the electric equipment of the based chassis.

The slip rings can be completed the build-in rotation transducer with digital or analog interface with the discrete input.

We can to do individual offer the slip rings TKA series with the increased operation voltage.

Ordering Code

    TKA 3/8 . 1 . A2 . M1 . V0 C    
Series title                                             Additional customer options
Number of power/signal circuit                                             Additional carrier:
V1 — installed
V2 — not installed
Maximum power/signal circuit current, A:
1 — 30/10
The rotation transducer:
A0 — not installed
A1 — digital transducer with RBus interface
A2 — analog transducer with output signal from 0,5 to 4,5 V DC
                          Mounting method:
1 — installation of the flange
2 — trunnion mounting (axis M24-6g)

Technical Data

Operation voltage contacting pair <33 V DC
Operating current contact pair  
  • power circuits
    <30 A
    • signal/data circuits
      <10 A
      Quantity of rings <50
      Wire section  
      • power circuits
        2×1.5 mm2
        • signal/data circuits
          0.75 mm2
          Transient resistance contacting pair <0,03 Ohm
          Life expectancy contacting pair >1 million cycles
          Operating temperature range – 40…+55
          Storage/Transport temperature range – 60…+65
          Protection class (to IEC 60529) IP65
          Vibration resistance <50 m/sec2 (at 50…200 Hz)
          Impact resistance <100 m/sec2
          Rotation transducer measuring range  
          • transducer with digital interface
            0…360 deg.
            • transducer with analog interface
              – 165 … +165 deg.
              Rotation transducer accuracy  
              • transducer with digital interface
                1 deg.
                • transducer with analog interface
                  0,75 %
                  Dimensions (L — slip ring height)  
                  • trunnion mounting
                    163 × 140 × L mm
                    • installation of the flange
                      180 × 180 × L mm
                      Weight, approx (for version with 3 power and 8 signal circuits) 2 kg

                      Dimensions [mm]

                      trunnion mountinginstallation of the flange

                      TKA 1 Dimensions [mm]
                      TKA 2 Dimensions [mm]

                      Technical manual
                      PDF, 208 Kb

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