DC/DC Converter PN24/12.8

  • converting 24 V to 12 V
  • 50 A load current
  • two-color operating status indicator
  • smoothing output filter
  • aluminum housing

PN24/12.8 voltage converters supply power to consumers with the rated voltage of 12 V in vehicles with the rated voltage of the on-board electric system of 24 V.

They are designed as a pulse step-down voltage stabilizer without galvanic isolation.

The converters smoothen the output voltage buildup when the power is on and limit the starting currents at high loads.

Our converters feature the in-built protections from overcurrent and load short circuits, reverse supply voltage, power supply peak overvoltage, and overheat with automatic restoration.

They have a two-color operating mode indicator (operation/protection).

Converter operating modes

The input voltage supply is indicated by the warning indicator that lights up green. If the indicator is off, check whether the input voltage is supplied and whether the voltage polarity between «+24 V Input» and «Common» terminals is correct.

If the input voltage is within the allowed range, disconnect the wires from «+12 V Output» terminal of the converter. If the indicator lights up, any overload or short circuit in the load circuit should be detected and eliminated.

Technical Data

Output voltage 12.6±0.6 V
Operating output voltage range 20...32 V
Rated load current 50A
Limitation current 60 ± 5 A
Output voltage ripple amplitude with conversion frequency up to 500 mV
No-load current consumption at 24 V input voltage up to 150 mA
Typical efficiency at 27 V input voltage and 10 A load current 95%
IP rating (as per GOST 14254) IP53
EMC as per GOST 28751-90
Temperature range
  • operation
    • storage
      Allowed vibratory loads
      • acceleration amplitude
        up to 50 m/s2
        • within the frequency range
          2 50...200 Hz
          Allowed impact loads up to 100 m/s2
          Dimensions 212 190 50.5 mm
          Weight up to 1.6 kg

          Overall and connection dimensions

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