DC/DC Converter PN24/12.5

  • conversion 24 V DC 12 V DC
  • output current maximum 20A
  • overvoltage, overload and overheat protections
  • two-color LEDs status indicator
  • low level of pulsation of output voltage
  • aluminium housing

A lot of products such as satellite navigators, PDAs, radios, control systems and etc. are available only with 12V operating voltage. The voltage changer PN24/12.5 was designed for uses power 12V products on 24V vehicles.

The converter's scheme was made as pulsed step-down voltage stabilizer with smoothing output filter.

Switching on loads PN24/12.5 provides smooth progressive output voltage and restricts theirs inrush current.

The converter has built-in protections from load short circuit, current overload, pulsed overvoltage and overtemperature.

PN24/12.5 has two-color status indicator. Green light indicator shows normal condition of converter. Red light indicator demonstrates emergency state (overload, short circuit, overheating, low or high input voltage).

Technical Data

Output voltage 13,8±0,3 V DC
Input voltage range 20 – 32 V DC
Maximum output current 25 A
Value of current limiting 40±6 A
Consumed current (24 V, no-load) 60 mA
Efficiency (at 27 V, 25 A) 95% typ.
Protection class (to IEC 60529) IP54
Operating temperature range – 40…+55 °C
Storage/Transport temperature range – 60…+65 °C
Vibration resistance <50 m/sec2 (at 50…200 Hz)
Impact resistance <100 m/sec2
Dimensions 156 × 150 × 66 mm
Weight, approx. 1,2 kg

Dimensions [mm]

PN24/12.5 converters are mounted on multipurpose military off-road cars GAZ-2330 Tiger which have been produced by GAZ Group.

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