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DC/DC Converter PN24/12.4
  • conversion 24 V DC 12 V DC
  • output current maximum 60A
  • overvoltage, overload and overheat protections
  • two-color LEDs status indicator
  • low-level output voltage pulsation
  • aluminium housing

Voltage changer PN24/12.4 was designed for reduces 24V vehicle voltage. It makes possible to use actuators, alarms and mobile electronics (satellite navigators, radios, PDAs, windshield cleaners, signal flashers, cigar lighters and etc.) with 12V operating voltage.

The converters scheme makes as pulsed step-down voltage stabilizer without smoothing output filter. It has common GND pin for input and output voltages connected to metal housing.

PN24/12.4 restricts inrush current of power loads and increase theirs operating life.

The converter has built-in protections from load short circuit, current overload, pulsed overvoltage and temperature protection. Protection from reverse polarity input voltage guaranties by external fuse.

PN24/12.4 has two-color status indicator. Green light indicator shows normal condition of converter. Red light indicator demonstrates emergency state (overload, short circuit, overheating, low or high input voltage).

Technical Data

Parameter Value
min typ max units
Electrical Characteristics
Input voltage (Uin) 20 24 32 V DC
Output voltage:  
  • at Io= 0 and s= 25°C
    13,8 14,1 14,4 V DC
    • at Uin= 20…32 V DC, Io= 0…60 , s= – 40…+55°C
      13,5 14,1 14,7 V DC
      Maximum output current (Io) 0   60 A
      Value of current limiting 60 80 100 A
      Efficiency (at Uin=27 V DC, Io=60 A) 90 93   %
      Consumed current (at Uin=24 V DC, Io=0 A)   110 125 mA
      Transformation frequency   50   kHz
      Output voltage pulsation (at Uin=27 V DC, Io=60 A)   100 200 mV
      Start-up input voltage   10 11 V DC
      Shut-down input voltage   9,5 10 V DC
      Status Indicator (red)
      High output voltage level when status indicator shines red 14,7 15,3 15,9 V DC
      Low output voltage level when status indicator shines red 12,3 12,9 13,5 V DC
      Environmental Conditions
      Operating temperature range (Ts) – 40   +55 °C
      Vibration resistance (3 coordinates, at 50…250 Hz)     50 m/sec2
      Impact resistance (3 coordinates, 10000 cycles)     100 m/sec2
      Protection class (to IEC 60529) IP65  
      Dimensions 271 × 234 × 78 mm
      Weight, approx. 3,5 kg

      Dimensions [mm]

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