DC/DC Converter PN24/12.1

  • 24 V DC 12 V DC conversion
  • 15A output current maximum
  • short-circuit, overvoltage, overload and overheat protections

Voltage changer PN24/12.1 was designed for reduces 24V vehicle voltage. It makes possible to use actuators and alarms (windshield cleaners, signal flashers, cigar lighters and etc.) with 12V operating voltage.

The converter's scheme was made as pulsed step-down voltage stabilizer without smoothing output filter.

PN24/12.1 restricts inrush current of power loads and increase theirs operating life.

The converter has built-in protections from load short circuit, current overload, voltage surge at commutate inductive loads, pulsed overvoltage and temperature protection.

Technical Data

Input voltage range 16 – 32 V DC
Output voltage 13±1,5 V DC
Maximum output current 15 A
Protection class (to IEC 60529) IP54
Operating temperature range – 40…+55 °C
Storage/Transport temperature range – 60…+65 °C
Vibration resistance <50 m/sec2 (at 50…200 Hz)
Impact resistance <100 m/sec2
Dimensions 125 × 94 × 44 mm
Weight, approx. 0,25 kg

Dimensions [mm]

Overall dimension

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