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Controller for Leveling Systems BUG45.11
  • two power channels rated at inductive load
  • on-board zero regulation
  • different actuation levels for each channel
  • digital interface

The controller was designed for automated manage of leveling valves of fire ladders, boom lifts and etc.

It switches on relevant electromagnets for tilt compensation if angular deviation from horizontal line is more than permissible level. The controller switches off of electromagnetic valve after levelling.

Technical Data

Parameter Value
Angle of intervent – 15 to +15 deg.
Accuracy 0,2 deg.
Maximum load current 4 A
Connection interface RBus
Supply voltage 8 – 32 V DC
Consumed current 0,02 A
Operating temperature range – 40…+65 °C
Storage/Transport temperature range – 60…+80 °C
Protection class (to IEC 60529) IP56
Vibartion resistance <50 m/sec2 (at 50…200 Hz)
Impact resistance <100 m/sec2
Dimensions 145 × 86 × 41 mm
Weight, approx. 0,35 kg

Dimensions [mm]

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